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Body Treatments

Waxing Strip (warm) wax

This is the most popular method of waxing.  It consists of high grade gum rosins with added rose oil for its calming properties and tea tree. Warm wax is smoothed onto the skin in a thin layer and immediately covered with a fabric or paper strip which is pressed/rubbed onto the waxed area before being removed in a quick swipe. Strip waxing is quicker than hot wax and larger areas can be waxed at one go.

Waxing Price
Full Leg £21.00
Half Leg + Bikini £25.00
Half Leg + Brazilian £30.00
Half Leg + Playboy £32.00
Half Leg + Hollywood £35.00
Half Leg £16.00
Underarm £12.00
Half Arm £14.00
Full Arm £18.00
Bikini £15.00
Brazilian £20.00
Waxing Price
Playboy £22.00
Hollywood £25.00
Lip Wax or Thread £7.00
Lip & Chin Wax or Thread £10.00
Full Face Threading £20.00
Half Back £12.00
Mens Waxing Price
Chest £20.00
Back £20.00
Chest & Back £35.00

Body Scrubs

From your head to your feet, removes all dry dead skin, relaxing and leaves your skin feeling amazing and youthful. Great for before you go on holiday as helps your skin tan deeper and last longer.

Full Body £20.00 | Back Scrub £12.00

Dermalogica Back Scrub £25

Cellulite Reduction Body Wraps

The product is placed over the prone area and is then covered which generates heat allowing the product soak into the skin through to the subcutaneous fat layer. Where it then surrounds the fat pockets (cellulite) and breaks the pocket down leaving the skin feeling silky and smooth.

Legs & Thighs £00.00


Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage is a variation on classic massage therapy. Heated smooth, flat stones are placed on key points on the body. The massage therapist will also hold the stones and use them to massage certain areas of the body.

Hot Stone Massage is for Ladies Only
Hot Stone Back, Neck & Shoulder (30 mins)  £30
Hot Stone Massage Full Body (60 mins)  £50

hot stone 2

Callus Peel

Don’t just dream about pretty feet…

A busy and active lifestyle can lead to a build up of hard skin and calluses on the foot, making this part of our body uncomfortable and unsightly. Our special Callus Peel product will leave feet soft and feeling rejuvenated. The Callus Peel is applied to the problem areas, allowing calluses to be scraped away quickly. This is a 15 minute, four step system gives results that you can see right away.!!

Price: £27.00
Add to a pedicure for £17.00
Add Shellac or Gel £10.00

Diamond Microdermabrasion

For scarring, stretch marks, Hyperpigmentation and other imperfections on the body. Non-Surgical method of rejuvenation by means of mechanical skin exfoliation without chemicals or laser. It is a modern, virtually painless alternative. See our dedicated page by clicking here

£30.00 per session
£80.00 3 x sessions
£140.00 6 x sessions

Swarovski Crystal Body Art & Vajazzle

We only use Swarovski Crystals to ensure the most ultimate sparkle!

Our body art crystal tattoos are completely safe, non-allergenic and harmless to the skin, each crystal sparkles thanks to its unmatched brilliance. Perfectly flat on one side, with self-adhesive on the other, a Vajazzle body art tattoo will last 2 – 5 days.

We provide ready-made Vajazzle body art designs from stylish to elegant to fun. Or simply add a strategically placed crystal to your face ie nose, brows, eyes, beauty spot etc.

Crystals are perfect for wearing all over your body and not just on delicate places. No wonder they’ve become the must have accessory.

Body Treatments March 23, 2016

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