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CND Acrylic Nails

The strongest and longer lasting of nail extensions where a false tip is applied, cut and filed to your desired length and shape. The CND liquid and powder is applied and bonds together setting hard to create the surface of the false nail.

Smoothed and buffed to create the finished look they are now ready for your choice of UV gel top coat for a shine like glass, varnish, Shellac, Glitter or nail art.

There are choices of tips from Natural, French and Stiletto. Nail art, if required, is where we add designs to the nails with different methods using polish, shellac, gems, glitter, nail stickers, 3D, One Stroke and Stencils. Lots of different designs available by our very talented Nail Techs, see the girls most recent designs and trends on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @cocobeachsalon


An acrylic overlay over your own natural nails (no extension added) adds strength to your own nails.


We can build up your broken or damaged nails to look in full health again.

Shellac or Gel

Say goodbye to nics, chips, and smudges! Shellac and Gel II are a breakthrough in resilient colour that remains flawless for 14-days and removes in 10 minutes. The product is applied similarly to nail polish, but it is cured in a way that gives it great flexibility and durability. It also has the incredible shine associated only with gel nails. Shellac or Gel are for people who want to maintain their nails or help / encourage their own to grow. Shellac or Gel is a professional product and gives a professional finish. A product that will get all your friends talking.

Shellac or Gel Glitter (Rock Star, Twinkle nails)

This is really fine glitter dust that is added into the shellac and set under the shellac top coat! Looks amazing, really sparkly plus great colours and designs to choose from. Check them out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @cocobeachsalon

Nail Art

Lots of designs available with One Stroke, 3D, Stencil, Freehand, Glitter and Gems see examples of our talented nail techs work on our instagram page.

Acrylic Nails Price
Natural, French or Stiletto Tips with Polish £27.00
Natural, French or Stiletto Tips with Shellac/Gel £37.00
Natural, French or Stiletto Tips Glitter/Rockstar £40.00
Acylic Overlay £25.00
Infill £22.00
Removal with Mini Manicure £12.00
Nail Repair from £ 4.00
Nail Art 1 Stroke, 3D & Stencil from £  .50
Natural Nails
Shellac or Gel Fingers £20.00
Shellac or Gel Toes £20.00
Glitter/Rockstar Fingers or Toes £24.00
Removal (FREE if being replaced) £ 6.00
Nail Art 1 Stroke, 3D & Stencil from £  .50
Mini Manicure £14.00
Deluxe Manicure £28.00
Nails March 8, 2016

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